Shiny Text Fournier

after (no before cause i made this myself)

fournier shiny text


this was hard. like really REALLY hard, but i mean the teacher helped us with the instructions so i guess i’m exaggerating.

tools used-

my mouse; you know, to move things around and click things

keyboard; to type in the colors




Fournier Comic book effect




fournier comic book effect


this is bad. i’m sorry I really don’t know what went wrong, but it could be the fact that i cropped it too much. It took a really long time to try and fix, but in the end i couldn’t figure it out. i was gonna restart, but i was already extremely far behind.

Fournier Colorize cemetery




Copy of Cemetary 3

tools I used;

-brush: Q. the brush helped me with coloring the sky, statue, trees and flowers. the brush is simple to use and gets the job done quickly thanks the the varying brush sizes.

-magnetic lasso tool: this helped with coloring the stones, grass, and some other ground things. this tool was helpful because it stuck to the lines and made things a lot easier.





Fournier colorize soldier

tools used: brush, magnetic lasso, lasso, magic wand tool.

how they helped: the brush tool made coloring over the background fast and efficient . the lasso tools helped with the chains. the shirt was easy work with the magic wand tool.

Warm Up; 9/18/19

Contrast- A difference created when elements are placed next to each other.contast with white and soft red

Alignment-Every element in it is usually connected to another element.

Repetition- The action of repeating something that has already been said or written (aka): rhythm.

Proximity- Proximity minimalizes visual clutter, emphasizes organization and increases viewer comprehension.

 proximity oop-

Our Social Contract

A social contract is an agreement that the class creates to help build mutual respect. The students create responses that are recorded and then signs the contract to claim that is how they want to be treated and how they will treat others.

  1. How do I the student want to be treated by you the teacher?

-I want to be treated with the golden rule, trust, and the same amount of respect as my fellow students.

2.How do you think I, the teacher, want to be treated by you the student?

-I’d like to think my teacher wants to be treated with respect, honesty, professionalism, functional, maturity, and the golden rule.

3.How should we treat each other in this classroom?

-helpful, caring, respectful, thoughtful, I suppose they want to be treated with the golden rule.

4. How should we handle problems that come between us?

-I’d say or recommend to handle them with care and watch over the argument. Some people are sensitive and this could diffidently handle this sweetly. Listen, watch, care.